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Roast chicken with hot green chilies

Roast chicken with hot green chilies

Harissa (or hereesa) is a fiery hot chili and garlic paste used extensively in the Maghreb region, but mainly in Tunisia. Usually...
Pita bread

Pita Bread

Khoubz arabieh Khoubz Arabieh is the term for Arabic-style flatbreads. They are great for holding fillings such as...
Chargrilled meatballs with feta

Chargrilled Meatballs with Feta

Keftedakia Keftedesare small Greek meatballs made of finely ground meat. Which are aslo known as bifteki.They can be...
Egyptian Vegetable Salad with Dukkah

Egyptian Vegetable Salad with Dukkah

Unlike many European-style salads. Mediterranean salads are more than just lettuce and cucumbers. Raw and cooked vegetables are often prepared together, usually...
Gaufrette apple tart sweets


(apple tart) To make these attractive latticed apple wafer tarts you will need a classic French mandolin or...